Crafted Taste Premium Cocktail Kits

The holiday season is here, and nothing says “getting into the holiday spirit” quite like shopping for the perfect gift. Gift-giving and spreading joy in the holiday celebrations world can be hard and stressful, but with Crafted Taste Cocktail Kits, it doesn’t have to be! After all, who wouldn’t love to get a bartender-quality cocktail kit as a gift?


Browse our holiday kit collection today, or keep reading to get an idea about all our favorite cocktail kits you can gift to all your favorite people!


Cocktail Kits To Get Your Clients And Colleagues Into The Holiday Spirit

Are you looking for a unique gift that your clients and colleagues will enjoy? Look no further than these three delicious cocktail kits!


The Holiday Cosmo Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to make the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail and three other delicious gin-based drinks. Add citrus spice and cranberry for our Holiday Cosmo, or blend coffee syrup and cream for the Velveteen Cosmo, a fun take on the White Russian . The mixer-only kit includes syrups and garnishes you need to add a classy finish to one of these four drinks or your flavorful creation. Choose our full or premium kits and get the high-quality gin you need in addition to all of the mixers.


For your whiskey-loving friends, the Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit is a perfect choice. This kit includes recipes to make three classic favorites: an Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, and the Bourbon Rickey. The premium old fashioned ingredients included with this kit will make 12-16 cocktails perfect for any party!


The Bird’s Eye Margarita Cocktail Kit is a great gift for anyone in your life who loves tequila! The three drinks featured with this kit, the Bird’s Eye Margarita, the Prickly Pear, and the Felipe Fizz, fuse tweet and spicy flavors for enjoyable yet unique cocktails. The delicate notes of chocolate and berry make this cocktail kit the perfect gift to give this holiday season!


Give the gift of a professional mixology bartending selection with our Figgy Martini Cocktail Kit! This new holiday cocktail kit comes with everything needed to make the winter flavors of fig and orange citrus come to life. With this kit, you can choose to order only the mixers and garnishes, or get a full kit with the premium bourbon and gin needed to make four delicious cocktails. Your colleagues and clients will love making and sharing these unique takes on classic cocktails, like the Old Fashioned Sage or the Bourbon Fig Smash!

Upgrade Your Holiday Work Party With These Cocktail Kits

Whether looking for new ways to upgrade your yearly holiday celebrations, or you are throwing a party for the first time, these cocktail kits will give you drinks everyone will be talking about until next year’s party!


With high-quality Whiskey and Maraschino Liqueur, The Whiskey Sour Cocktail Kit  comes with everything you need to make four different drinks full of flavor. This kit comes with three different kit options: the full kit, mixer kit, and the premium kit. With the full kit, you will get the ingredients needed to make 12-16 cocktails, including the whiskey. The premium kit included both the whiskey and the maraschino liqueur, and the mixer only kit comes with the ingredients and garnishes only. Wow your guests with lemon and passionfruit flavors by making a Whiskey Sour & Sweet, Citrus Martini, or our version of the Fancy Free.

Your holiday party will sparkle with our Little Violeta Cocktail Kit! This kit includes the mixers, garnishes, and spirits you need to make four different colorful and delicious drinks. All three kits, the premium, full, and mixer kits, include the high-quality ingredients you need to make the Little Violeta, Strawberry Tanager, Passion Sipper, and Butterfly French 75. The bold taste of gin compliments the sweet fruity flavors of the strawberry and citrus syrups, with the sparkling Rose adding a bubbly twist to any drink. 


Celebrate the holidays in style with the Sugar & Spice Cocktail Kit. Whether you stick with the mixers-only kit to add your own favorite spirits to the syrups and garnishes included, or go with the full cocktail kit including premium Gin and Sparkling wine,  all four of the drinks you can make with this kit will surely be crowd favorites. Sweeten up loved ones with the Candy Cane Martini, which features notes of peppermint and lime, or, toast to the end of a successful year with the Cinnamon French 75 the perfect blend of vodka and sparkling wine flavors in one drink. 

Gifts For Those Hard To Shop For

Our cocktail kits make the perfect gift for those in your life that are hard to shop for. These kits can set them up for a fun date night or make their party-hosting that much easier! 


The Negroni Senza Cocktail Kit includes gin, vermouth and bartender-quality garnishes and mixers that complete a delicious version of a lighter Negroni. The herbal undertones with delicate notes of bitter sweetness is perfect for those new to  Negroni flavors or die-hards looking for fun variations. To give the gift of humor, the Secret Agent Cocktail Kit is a great choice for every James Bond lover. This kit includes everything needed to make four delicious gin and Lillet-based cocktails. With this gift, they’ll be able to impress everyone at their next dinner party or host a cocktail tasting in the comfort of their home!


For the people in your life who love a sweet summertime drink all year round, the Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit or our Mamma Mia Cocktail Kit is the way to go! The Moscow Mule Kit allows you to make a traditional Moscow Mule and a Top Hat Moscow Mule which adds a sparkling and spicy twist to a classic drink. Our Mamma Mia Cocktail Kit is made with everything needed for four summer-time drinks. These four gin-based drinks are sweet and zesty and will give you a taste of summertime in every sip. And who doesn’t want to be reminded of summertime in the cold winter months? 


No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, the premium cocktail kits from Crafted Taste will make the perfect gift. From classic drink recipes to unique flavors yet to be enjoyed, there is something for everyone in our collections. Shop today and be sure to explore our blog for recipe ideas and party-hosting inspiration!

November 15, 2021 — ShopKeeper