Clients and Colleagues Love Crafted Taste Cocktails

Cocktail kits from Crafted Taste make memorable professional gifts.
Let your business partners and clients know how much you appreciate their business.

Thank your employees for all their hard work and send all the makings for unique, hand-crafted cocktails.

We'll work with you to create a custom cocktail kit for even stronger marketing impact.

Customize Your Kit

* Add a Logo Sticker to the Box
* Create Unique Cocktail Names
* Have a Signature Drink? We'll Curate a Custom Kit
* Send Us Kit Items to be Shipped with Your Kit

Easy Group Orders

* Easy Group Order Form and Tracking Updates
* Group Orders Managed from Order to Delivery
* Expedited Shipping for Fast Turnaround
* International Shipping for Mixers Kits

Virtual Events or Classes

* Setup a Virtual or Hybrid Event
* Mixologists Available to Demo Drinks or Lead a Class
* Mini Kits Available for Smaller Budgets
* Tool Sets and Extras Add Ins Available

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