Everyone Loves a Cocktail Party
Plan Your Next Corporate Event with Crafted Taste


Organizing a Fun Virtual Get Together? Order Kits for National and International Shipping

* Choose one of our curated cocktail kits to be delivered to
individual addresses and have a virtual cocktail party.

Create a Customized Cocktail
* Make unique cocktail names or work with us to create a
signature cocktail for your special event.

* Mixology Classes
Hosting a Team Event?
Crafted Taste Cocktail Kits come with multiple recipes and all the ingredients to create bar quality cocktails.
Learn new techniques or the history of your favorite spirit with our fun and infomative mixology classes.


Have an Office in Seattle?
Host a unique corporate party in our industrial warehouse with a Speakeasy vibe.
We can assist you with event planning to create a fun and active experience for your special event.

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