The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

This year for Valentine's Day, ditch the commercial gifts of the past and leave the gifting to Crafted Taste! Show your loved ones or special someone just how much they mean to you with one of our curated cocktail kits from our Valentine's Day Collection.  Each kit makes 12-16 cocktails off multiple recipes, perfect for enjoying together.

Browse our Valentine's Day Collection today, or keep reading to get an idea about all our favorite cocktail kits you can gift to all your favorite people!

Cocktail Kits For That Special Someone

Are you looking for kits that say Love? Look no further than these four delicious cocktail kits!

The Lovebird includes everything you need to make two amazing rum based drinks. Enjoy rum with passionfruit syrup and grapefruit, infused with firewater for a sexy kick of heat plus get that dose of chocolate with rum and chocolate bitters for the Bittersweet Daiquiri. 

For the Lusty Lady in your life, shake up gin and a dash of lavender bitters, sweet-sour cranberry and finished with a white foam top make it the perfect cocktail for when you’re looking for a touch of elegance. The kit includes all the ingredients and two recipes to make the Lusty Lady cocktail and the tasty St.Snowfall cocktail.

Send some sparkle with our Little Violeta Cocktail Kit! This kit includes the mixers, garnishes, and spirits you need to make four different colorful and delicious drinks. All three kits, the premium, full, and mixer kits, include the high-quality ingredients you need to make the Little Violeta, Strawberry Tanager, Passion Sipper, and Butterfly French 75. The bold taste of gin compliments the sweet fruity flavors of the strawberry and citrus syrups, with the sparkling Rose adding a bubbly twist to any drink. 

Seasonal with the Lunar New Year but also for the Tiger in our lives, our Easy Tiger cocktail kit shines with Tequila and a great version of the favorite margarita. Make the Easy Tiger, Orange Rabbit, Red Dragon and the Green Eyed Tiger for a weekend of love and celebration. 

Send Love to Friends and Family

The Bee’s Knees Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to make the classic Bee’s Knees cocktail and three other delicious gin-based drinks. Add a twist of cucumber and citrus with the Cucumber Cooler, or blend honey and lemon flavors in the Apiary Fizz. The mixer-only kit includes syrups and garnishes you need to add a classy finish to one of these four drinks or your flavorful creation. 

Our The Man's Best Friend is the perfect kit for the Salty Dogs in our life that mean so much to us.  This kit includes our takes on the classic Vodka Sour, the delicious bite of the Salty Dog and great Collins Sipper.

Superhuman friends and family need a toast and our My Hero cocktail kit checks all the boxes.  Made with Scotch and Fernet, these sophisticated cocktails show respect and a touch of humor with the included cocktails, The Cape, Take Flight, Whisked Away of course, My Hero.

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, the premium cocktail kits from Crafted Taste will make the perfect gift. From classic drink recipes to unique flavors yet to be enjoyed, there is something for everyone in our collections. Shop today and be sure to explore our blog for recipe ideas and party-hosting inspiration!

January 31, 2022 — ShopKeeper