The 10 Tastiest Cocktails You've Never Heard Of Before
As summer approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some refreshing, flavorful, and obviously boozy cocktails. But what’s the fun in making plain ol’ Margaritas and Mai Tais? We’ve put together a list of 10 innovative and simply scrumptious cocktails that you’ve probably never heard of before. Crafted Taste offers a variety of boxed cocktail kits that make concocting these delicious drinks easier than ever. Get your cocktail shakers ready!

"The Lovebird"

 Created by the amazing Josh Batway, Bar Manager from GoodBar in Seattle, “The Lovebird” is a delicious combination of Rum, Passionfruit Syrup and Firewater, touched with a splash of Grapefruit. This drink is the perfect mix of tropical flavors with a kick of heat and bite.

 “The Lusty Lady”

This elegant drink mixes St. George Terroir Gin with Fruitations Pure Bottled Cranberry. Throw in a dash of Cocktail Punk Lavender Bitters and a frothy foam white top, and you’ve got yourself the fanciest cocktail on the block.
Lusty Lady

 “The Hello Limoncello”

Substitute your boring ol’ mimosas with this innovative cocktail. Made with Luxardo Limoncello, Sonoma Syrup Co. Raspberry Syrup, and orange juice, this drink is sure to become an instant brunch favorite.

 “The Bee’s Knees”

 This refreshing mix of Barr Hill Gin, fresh lemon juice, and Quince & Apple’s Honey Lemon Syrup makes for a simple delight. Give this drink a taste, and it just might become your new summer cocktail.
 Bitter Cocoa Sazerac

“The Bitter Cocoa Sazerac”

“The Bitter Cocoa Sazerac” is a big and boozy cocktail with chocolate and mocha notes. Instead of being overly sweet, you’ll find the coffee, vanilla, and cacao flavors bring out the unique dimension of the rye whiskey. You’ll add 18.21 Bitters Coffee Vanilla Cacao Rich Simple Syrup, Dutch's Orleans Bitters, and Aromatic Bitters. To finish, spritz with Alice and the Magician’s Chocolate Birthday Cake Aromatic Spray. It’s simply divine.

The Frosé Mule

You’ve heard of frosé, and you’ve heard of Moscow mules, but have you ever thought to put the two together? The result is the ultimate summer refresher. Made with Deep Eddy Vodka and topped with Flying Solo rosé, this pink drink is a boozy dream-come-true for hot days by the pool. 

“The Leaf Peeper”

This innovative cocktail is the love child of an Old Fashioned and a Pumpkin Latte! “The Leaf Peeper" is a seasonal take on the Old Fashioned that is enriched by the darkness of coffee. Even as summer approaches, spiced syrup and holiday pie bitters bring to mind changing leaves and pumpkin pies, making this the perfect drink for those who wish every season was fall.

“The Swing State”

 Inspired by Florida, the nation's undecided darling, “The Swing State” cocktail has the rich, old-school flavors of Don Q Cristal Rum, the most popular rum in Florida. The drink is brightened by Key Lime Juice, Orange Flower Aromatics and a jigger of Orgeat. To top it off, use the Colossal Ice Cube mold for the perfect icy addition.

“The Sir Grouse”

 "The Sir Grouse" is a Scotch cocktail with a sophisticated presentation. The recipe calls for pineapple juice and Sir Winston's Spiced Simple Syrup. It’s topped with smoking Bittercube Cedarsticks in a smoked salt rimmed martini glass. It’s a total smokeshow.

 “The Nuevo Día” 

It’s like a mojito… but better. “The Nuevo Día” cocktail is clean, fresh and herby, using Tippleman's Double Spiced Falernum, a simple syrup featuring plenty of lime zest and tropical spice notes. Watch out, this drink will have you sippin’ all summer long.
May 30, 2019 — Jake Kahane