10 Amazing Cocktails That Will Make Your Dinner Party a Hit!
Dinner partying just got a whole lot better⁣! Impress your guests with some all-star cocktails that'll get the party started (and keep it going for hours)!
We've put together the 10 best cocktails that’ll make your next dinner party a hit!

1. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules never go out of style. Why? Because it’s the ultimate refreshing cocktail. The perfect mix of vodka, ginger beer, lemon bitters and ginger will have your guests lining up for more!

Moscow Mules


2. Old Fashioned

There’s no cocktail as classic as an Old Fashioned. This oldie but goodie is sure to please your whisky loving guests, and always pleases the gentlemen. Create a traditional Old Fashioned or add in some fun mixers to spice it up!

 Old Fashioned


3. Pomegranate Party

This fruity and flirty cocktail is perfect for your next girls night. The Pomegranate Party is great for the guest who loves a sweeter but tart cocktail. The deep red color will be a sexy addition to your dinner table.

Pomegranate Party


4. El Diablo

This is the cocktail you need to be serving at your next Taco Tuesday or Mexican fiesta.  The smokiness of the Mezcal is a great twist to a traditional tequila cocktail. This one is super easy to make and is the perfect combination of spicy and refreshing.

El Diablo

5. Noble Cola

The Rum and Coke just got a little fancy!⁣ Everyone remembers their first Rum and Coke...but you've never had it like this.
Noble Cola


6. The Modern Martini

This fabulous cocktail is made with lower carb ingredients but does not compromise taste. Serving this drink with a healthy meal will satisfy your dinner guests and is absolutely guilt free.

Modern Martini



7. Leaf Peeper

This fun, seasonal take on a traditional Old Fashioned is enriched by the dark flavors of coffee and spiced syrup. The Leaf Peeper compliments a slice of holiday pie wonderfully and is the perfect drink to serve in the fall months.

Leaf Peeper


8. The Lovebird

This cocktail needs no introduction. The perfect date night treat! This cocktail puts the passion in passionfruit, and who doesn’t love passionfruit?

The Lovebird



9. Lusty Lady

This is the drink to serve when your fancy friends come over. This gorgeous cocktail combines gin and lavender to create a light but fragrant treat for your dinner guests.

Lusty Lady

10. Buffalo Negra

You don’t have to be a regular bourbon drinker to enjoy the sweet, herbal and citrus elements of this cocktail. This drink is to be enjoyed all year round as is an ideal treat to serve your guests on a warm summers day to the chilly winter months.

Buffalo Negra