Takes a Village to Make a Cocktail - Meet our Makers for Crafted Taste
To create bar quality drinks at home, you need to use the finest ingredients, made by makers that use the best and care about their products.  Luckily for us, the explosion in the cocktail scene has allowed for a lot of creativity and craftsmanship throughout the U.S.  We have tons of gratitude for the relationships we've made with our cocktail community and below is a sampling of the many companies we find exceptional and are excited to use in our kits.  

Bittercube and Crafted Taste
Crafted Taste Bitter Cube
Founded by  Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz in 2009, Bittercube Bitters are shipped nationwide and created in Milwaukee, WI, by hand with real botanicals. No pre-made extracts or flavors are used in their slow-crafted products.

Check out their fantastic Bolivar Bitters in our Man's Best Friend Kit.
They also make cocktail cedars that we proudly use in our 
Scotch Kiss Cocktail Kit.

Crafted Taste Cocktail Kits Morris Kitchen

Crafted Taste Morris kitchen

Morris Kitchen creates unique, artisanal cocktail mixers and syrups that are inspired by the company roots in Brooklyn, NY. 

Their Citrus Agave is the perfect sour mixer for our Posmo Cosmo and their Grapefruit is the best mixer for The Brown Derby cocktail in The Buffalo Negra Cocktail Kit.

 Crafted Taste Girl Meets Dirt
Crafted Taste Girl Meets Dirt
Based on Orcas Island in beautiful San Juan, WA.  Audra's dedication to her heirloom orchards, that are the source for her products, is evident in all her offerings. We love their shrubs and bitters and they make outstanding jams and preserves, too!

Try their Ruby Spiced Apple Shrub in our Salted Caramel Apple Sour.

Crafted Taste Cocktail Kits and Yes Cocktail
Crafted Taste Yes Cocktail Co.
Handmade in Paso Robles, CA, we use Yes Cocktail Co. Syrups and Tonics because of their commitment to using 100% all natural fruit, herbs, botanicals and spices.  

Our Modern Martini Kit includes a bottle of their Superbloom Tonic for incredible G & T's.

Crafted Taste and Portland Syrups

Crafted Taste Portland Syrup

Based in Portland, OR, Portland Syrups is another example of ethical manufacturing from the cocktail community.  They dedicate their business to responsible sourcing and producing and we love supporting their business. 

Try the Hibiscus Cardamon Syrup in our Lusty Lady Cocktail Kit or the Citrus Passion Syrup in our Little Violeta.


March 27, 2020 — Jake Kahane