How to Host a Fabulous Virtual Cocktail Hour

You may have seen that virtual cocktail hours are surging in popularity with friends and within corporations.  Getting together with others is so important for our mental health and for companies, seeing your co-workers in their home-based work spaces is bonding and a fun way to unite the team. Here are our tips for planning a fabulous virtual cocktail hour.

Pick an Event Day 2 Weeks in Advance.

  • Alcohol Delivery is huge right now and many companies are delivering slower than usual. The cocktails are key here, so ensure everyone will be ready for the party by choosing a Crafted Taste cocktail kit for your guests here and order in plenty of time for your event
  • Give people a chance to plan their grocery list ( ice, limes, lemons etc).  Since we are all limiting our errand days, a little notice will give people time to get ingredients on their next shopping trip.

Pick the Video Chat Technology that is Best.

  • Everyone will need a minute to check that their computer setup will work before the event.  
  • Zoom is a popular choice and has an easy invite method.  The free version is limited to 40 minutes but you might get lucky and be granted "unlimited" during the chat. If you don't and it times out after 40 minutes, you can easily restart the chat. 
  • Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp all have video options.

Set The Ambiance.  

  • Have everyone choose a funny background image.  Take advantage of the tech and funny images behind your face on a chat can really be fun. You can get a custom background here on Canva.
  • Have everyone make their cocktails at the same time.  Great way to have a shared activity experience.
  • If it's a work party, have an executive lead the cocktail making. Makes for a great personable company event.

Help Guide the Conversation.

  • With video, long pauses or awkward side conversations are really evident so get everyone chatting together and have fun! 
  • Trivia is a great way to have everyone involved without 20 people talking over each other. 

Ready to start the party? Order a Crafted Taste Cocktail Kit and start planning today! 

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April 05, 2020 — Jake Kahane