Cool, Fun Bartending Techniques to Practice with Friends!

Do you like a foamy, frothy top on cocktails? 

That technique is called a “dry shake” meaning to shake a cocktail without ice. Bartenders use this method when a recipe calls for egg white. This allows you to whip the egg white to the desired consistency, without over-diluting the cocktail. Dry shake egg white cocktails for about 10 seconds first, then add ice and shake again for an additional 10 seconds. Pour gently on top of your cocktail to make that snowcap.

Here are some kits that include recipes that use this technique!

The Bee's Knees

Bee's Knees

The Lusty Lady

Lusty Lady

Love Cool Ice!

Ice molds can make a drink extra special and actually are not just a visual perk. 
Large ice balls are for slow melting, to slow down the dilution of the drink.  Ice cubes frozen with rind, mint or juice is to add flavor to the drink while it melts.

Check out these kits with special ice presentations!

The Hello Limoncello
Use the included mini sphere mold to make cubes flecked with lemon rind for the "Spring Spritz"


The Leaf Peeper and all the Old Fashioned Kits use Large Ice Cubes

Crafted Taste Chocolate Martini Cocktail Kit

The Fruit Basket features a classic drink called The Transfusion, a delicious drink with vodka and grape juice. Our version freezes the grape juice into ice cubes for a modern twist.

Vodka ad Grape Juice Transfusion Cocktail

Colorful Cocktail Garnishes.

The Duchess Cocktail , in the Hello Limoncello Kit, uses a channel knife to create cucumber rind strips for a cool glass effect.

Duchess Cocktail


Playing with Fire?

Matches are part of any bartenders tool set.  Fire is used to tinge expressed orange rind oils that add a smokey citrus touch to whiskey cocktails.

Our Oaxaca Old Fashioned Kit contains a cocktail that uses this technique.

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

The Scotch Kiss kit uses Bittercube Cedars as a fun way to "perform" for your audience.  The burning of cocktail cedars is a great technique to infuse smoke into a glass to add aroma and flavor. 

Scotch Kiss 


January 26, 2020 — Jake Kahane