3 Backyard Wedding Cocktails...So Fresh and Pretty

Outdoor weddings have always been special with nature and fresh air creating the most beautiful ambiance.  Lots of champagne will be flowing but an extra libation that's fresh and eye catching is a great starter to serve your guests.

We like The London Holiday because it features the Pimms Cup, a favorite addition to summer garden parties. Our version uses Grapefruit Cordial and Ginger Syrup for a sophisticated twist. Garnish with fruit and herbs for a beautiful touch.

Next the Apiary Fizz, in our Bee's Knees Kit, features Gin, Honey, Lemon and a spritz of Rosemary Mist. A gorgeous drink with its foamy top and a sprig of rosemary.

Last, the Little Violeta with it's BRIGHT pink or purple hue, is a wonderful accessory for the bride in white. A real show stopper.

January 24, 2020 — Jake Kahane