Try Low ABV Sake Cocktails for Gentle Sipping

Going Low ABV just works better sometimes.  No need to sacrifice flavor and sophistication. Choose sake, the most versatile choice for a light indulgence at a Low ABV from 5-13%. 

Here's a Sake Guide to help understand the labels when choosing your first bottle.

Junmai - Refers to pure rice (non-additive) sake polished to at least 70%. Known for a rich full body with an intense, slightly acidic flavor

Honjozo - Honjozo also uses rice that has been polished to at least 70 percent but contains a small amount of distilled brewers alcohol, which is added to smooth out the flavor and aroma of the sake.

Ginjo and Junmai Ginjo - Ginjo is premium sake that uses rice that has been polished to at least 60 percent. It is brewed using special yeast and fermentation techniques. The result is often a light, fruity, and complex flavor that is usually quite fragrant.  Junmai ginjo is simply ginjo sake that also fits the “pure rice” (no additives) definition.

Daiginjo and Junmai Daiginjo - Daiginjo is super premium and requires precise brewing methods with rice that has been polished to at least 50 percent.  

Futsushu is a common table sake. The rice has barely been polished (somewhere between 70 and 93 percent) and not junmai.

Try THE KYOTO SOUR COCKTAIL KIT that includes the following cocktail recipes.

The Kyoto Sour - Sour, Sweet and Spicy with Tabasco and Orange Bitters
The Ginger Blossom - Lime Juice, Lavender Bitters and Ginger Ale
The Bamboo Sake - Vermouth and Orange Bitters
The Sake Lemon Drop - Simple Syrup and Lemon


January 24, 2020 — Jake Kahane