Serve up a signature cocktail to celebrate your 21st birthday with a premium cocktail kit from Crafted Taste. Each unique kit includes ingredients and recipes.

Turning 21 is a huge milestone for young adults!  To celebrate this exciting special occasion, introduce your close friends to a signature cocktail. Whether you’re hosting an intimate pre-game session before hitting a bar or planning a lavish house party, delicious cocktails are a must. Impress guests with your mixology prowess as you stir up professional-level aperitifs serving a luxurious sip. When you learn to craft elegant cocktails with ease, watered-down drinks or flat disappointing beers are a distant memory. 

With Crafted Taste premium cocktail kits, you avoid the hassles of searching for the best alcohol, settling for sub-par mixers, and stumbling along with confusing recipes. Each of these superior kits comes equipped with alcohol, mixer ingredients, and recipes you need to create your personal favorite mixed drink depending on your drinking preferences. 

Birthday Drinks For Old Souls

Certified old souls with a preference for vintage-style alcoholic beverages will love these quintessential cocktail choices, perfect for establishing a signature drink on your 21st birthday.

Old Fashioned

If your taste preferences revolve around classic brews, an Old Fashioned is the right drink for you. This age-old cocktail from the 1800s blends whiskey, sugar, and bitters to create a smooth flavor. It’s the ultimate signature drink to honor tradition and history. With Crafted Taste’s Old Fashioned cocktail kit, you can stir up Old Fashioneds, Whiskey Sours, and Bourbon Rickeys

Aged Manhattan

The practice of aging and mellowing spirits has become a popular trend in the mixology world. Try your hand at aging spirits to amplify the alcohol’s richness and introduce a smoky flavor profile. Fans of the classic Aged Manhattan will appreciate this cocktail kit that includes aging instructions to mix a rye whiskey favorite with an oaky upgrade. 


Developed during the 19th century Prohibition era, the Sidecar is thought to be the first sour cocktail invented. The cognac-based mixed drink combines sweet and sour flavors with citrus notes. The Sidecar cocktail kit includes everything you need to make the perfect Sidecar and instructions for additional cocktails: the Hack, the Outfit, and the Threewheeler.

Birthday Cocktails For A Sophisticated Palate

Impress your most picky drinkers with a fancy signature cocktail made with the finest spirits and unique mixers. Check out these classy drink kits sure to take your birthday celebration to the next level.

Scotch Kiss

This divine drink is an ideal signature cocktail if you want to bring out cozy vibes. A Scotch Kiss takes lux malt whiskey and pairs it with banana syrup, bitters, and cream for an upscale banana cream pie taste. Crafted Taste’s Scotch Kiss cocktail kit features mixers like pineapple juice and simple syrup so you can create bonus drinks: the Big Daddy, Sweet Old Man, and Port Sour.

Mint Julep

The Mint Julep liquor drink has a storied history. It’s the Kentucky Derby’s official cocktail and was featured in the classic novel, The Great Gatsby. Every aspiring mixology pro should have a killer Mint Julep recipe in their back pocket. This kit is packed with accessories and mixers to deliver a signature cocktail with a refreshing taste and a perfect mix of ginger, citrus, and mint. 

Modern Martini

Anyone with a Martini as their go-to cocktail choice exudes sophistication and class. The Martini harkens back to the 1920s “Jazz Age” of over-indulgence and luxury. Upgrade the classic Martini recipe with a modern twist using a simple, yet elegant cocktail kit. You can learn how to craft a delicious Martini signature cocktail with 3 different recipes including a Modern, Savory, or Dry Martini.

Birthday Cocktails For Adventurous Mixologists

Do you enjoy surprising your friends with luscious liquor drinks they’ve never tasted before? Then the following cocktail ideas are ideal options for the ultimate signature cocktail at your 21st birthday soiree.

Bird’s Eye Margarita

Tequila lovers, rejoice! Bring your standard margarita up a notch with a unique concoction that gives tequila an exciting boost. The Bird’s Eye Margarita cocktail kit offers a fresh summery drink with tang and spice. Aside from the Bird’s Eye Margarita, you can craft a Prickly Pear cocktail with a tart berry flavor and a Felipe Fizz that incorporates chocolate and bitters. 


Daring mixologists with a taste for whiskey will appreciate the McGlashan cocktail. Irish whiskey pairs well with many ingredients and acts as a smooth base for crafting robust flavors. Use the mixers available in the McGlashan cocktail kit to serve up drinks such as the salty Pickleback or the Jameson Redhead beverage that packs a sweet grenadine punch.

The Little Violeta

Give your signature birthday cocktail a jubilant glow with a gin and sparkling wine potion. Your adventurous palate will thrill at the succulent tastes from mix-ins like strawberry and basil essence and passionfruit syrup emphasized in the Little Violeta cocktail kit. Imbibe vast flavor profiles from other creative cocktails recipes including the Passion Sipper and Strawberry Tanager. 

Cocktail Kits For Everyone

Find new ways to incorporate your favorite spirits to create an awesome signature cocktail that emphasizes your taste preferences and drinking style. Budding bartenders will have no problem following Crafted Taste’s easy-to-understand instructions. Find numerous cocktail kits featuring high-quality alcohol and add-ins for every type of drinker. The kits make ideal birthday gifts for close friends or family members celebrating their 21st birthday. Choose from a full kit that includes alcohol and mixers, a mixer kit that’s alcohol-free, or a premium kit featuring upgraded spirits plus mixers. Each kit can make 12-16 drinks. Make any 21st birthday one to remember with a delectable signature cocktail today!

September 20, 2021 — Jeannie S Cho