Avoiding Crowds?  4 Great Homebody Cocktails

Trying to reduce risk by limiting our social interactions doesn't mean that you can't relax with a delicious cocktail to soothe the soul.  We are talking health here, so need to go hard on the spirits. Just something light and tasty, as a special treat to start the day or end the night.

Brunch Maker - The Bloody Maria or Bloody Mary.
Our Nuevo Dia Kit is a great collection of items for a delicious Bloody Maria with Tequila or a Bloody Mary ( just add the vodka). Keep it on the bar, ready to make for a weekend brunch at home.

Crafted Taste Nuevo Dia Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit - Milagro TequilaCrafted Taste Nuevo Dia Cocktail Kit

Get Cozy with a Hot Toddy.
Fan of Apple Brandy?  Our Tea Party Toddy Kit makes the best Hot Toddy, using Earl Grey Bitters and Chamomile Honey.

Crafted Taste Tea Party Toddy Cocktail Kit - Hot Toddy with Apple BrandyTea Party Toddy Kit

Go Low ABV with Sake.
Make a drink full of flavor, but light on punch.  Our Kyoto Sour is a great Sake recipe with Orange Bitters and a bit of kick with Green Tabasco.

Crafted Taste Sake Cocktail KitCrafted Taste Sake Cocktail Kit

Need a Touch of Sweet?
Have a special fun nighttime drink at home. The Salted Apple Caramel Cocktail is so good with delicious apple shrub.

Crafted Taste Salted Caramel Apple Cocktail Kit - Calvados-Crafted Taste Apple Brandy Cocktail Kit

March 10, 2020 — Jake Kahane