5 Cocktail Party Recipes That Will Win You Host of the Year

Whip out some tasty cocktails for your next small gathering or virtual happy hour! And whether you’re a beginner-level bartender or a master-level mixologist, these five cocktail recipes will be sure to impress both you and your guests!

Frosé Moscow Mule

This drink blends a refreshing, flavorful cocktail with ice to make the perfect party slushie for grownups. Take a sip of this fresh and fruity beverage, and feel yourself basking in the tropics of Hawaii or the beaches of the Maldives. With our full Frosé Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit, you will receive everything you need to make this refreshing cocktail, including premium vodka and rosé!


Fall Fresca

Fall fresca

If you’re looking for something a little warmer, the fall fresca drink is a perfect choice! The tart lemon sweetness, balanced with fragrant pink pepper base notes, is a winning combination in this sparkling gin-based cocktail. While the flavor of this cocktail might remind you of autumn leaves and pumpkin pie, the sparkling soda makes this a timeless classic. Our version of the fall fresca comes in our Harvest Royale Cocktail Kit, which includes all the spirits and craft mixers you need to create four delicious drinks to enjoy with your loved ones near and far!


Mezcal Sunrise

A sunrise with a little smoke is what makes this one special. Mix orange juice and grenadine with a dash of bitter for a delicious cocktail that looks almost as good as it tastes! Tequila’s edgier cousin, the mezcal sunrise, has definitely earned its place in your cocktail rotation this season. You can make this drink with our El Diablo Cocktail Kit. This full kit is a must-have for adventurous mixologists who want to upgrade their margaritas or add some extra flair to their drink recipes with tart, spicy, and smoky flavors.


Moon and Back

This sweet passion fruit cocktail with a hint of rose is a luxurious experience best enjoyed by two lovebirds. The Moon and Back cocktail is one of four signature drinks in our To The Moon and Back Cocktail Kit, which includes everything you need to celebrate the journey with your significant other. Enjoy romantic cocktails that are sweet, spicy, and passionate, or send this kit as a gift to another pair of lovebirds in your life. With drink names like “The Soulmate” and “Perfect Love,” this fruity, rosey cocktail kit will help you say how you truly feel. 


Bird's Eye Margarita

The Bird's Eye Margarita fuses sweet tangerine syrup and bird's eye chili syrup for a hot and spicy sparkle. Impress your guests even further by rimming a chilled margarita glass with habanero salt, for a delicious savory heat. And if you’re looking to bring even more heat, the Bird’s Eye Margarita Cocktail Kit will upgrade your tequila game with all kinds of unique flavors. Whether you’re craving a peppery kick or a citrus tang, this cocktail kit is sure to satisfy. 

Still thirsty? Visit our website and get crafting with our premium cocktail kits. To get the most out of your mixing experience, sign up for a Crafted Taste Subscription to receive a bartender-approved cocktail kit. Each box contains all the full-sized ingredients you need to create delicious drinks at home. Click here to learn more about our subscription options. Happy shaking!

February 11, 2021 — Jake Kahane