What is a Lemon Twist?

We're talking about those cute twirly bits of lemon, painstakingly arranged on your glass. The lemon twist is a thin piece of zest often used as a garnish in cocktails. The twist should not be confused with the lemon wheel*, which is a thin circular slice of lemon. Here's the difference:

Lemon Twist

*We actually made this mistake on the printed recipe card in January's cocktail kit. We printed "lemon wheel" when we should have said "lemon twist". Sorry subscribers!

How to Make a Lemon Twist

The easiest way to make a lemon twist is by using a channel knife. Here's how to do it:

1. Insert the "v-shaped" blade (seen in the center) into the lemon peel. The "v-shaped" blade will point down into the lemon for right-handers. For left-handers, the knife handle will be rotated clockwise and the blade will point up. Here it is demonstrated by a right-hander:

Lemon Twist

2. Continue to run the knife around the peel, rotating the lemon:

v-shaped blade

3. When you're satisfied with the length of the peel, jerk up with the knife to cut. Finish by twisting your lemon peel over a glass (this releases oil, which will subtly flavor your cocktail) and placing it on the rim.

 rotating the lemon

And voilà. You can now make a lemon twist like a pro. It might take some practice, so we suggest drinking more. Cheers.



January 22, 2014 — Kat Rudberg
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