Summer Iced Tea Sipper Mocktail - *SUMMER SPECIAL*




Vanilla DRY
Smith Teamaker Fez Green Tea

Our "Summer Iced Tea Sipper Mocktail" is a Crafted Taste creation highlighting the aromatic flavors of 
spearmint, lemon myrtle and the rare 
Mao Feng China green tea from Smith Teamaker Fez Green Tea and 
the smooth, not too sweet, creamy finish of Vanilla DRY.

Citrusy and sophisticated, 
our Summer Sipper is the perfect thirst quencher for hot days and balmy, summer nights.  

DRY Soda, Smith Teamaker, Raft, Hella Cocktails


MOCKTAIL KIT - Makes 8 Mocktails

Vanilla DRY
Smith Teamaker Fez Green Tea
Raft Lime Syrup
Hella Cocktail Co. Orange Bitters
Cocktail Napkins and Recipe Card



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